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September 10, 2008


i absolutely luv anime i draw it 24.7

i love anime. all of these in the image i love. my fave is naruto.i just DROOOOOOL over gaara~kun check out my DA profile and you will see

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Madeline - as far as i know, Naruto Shippuden is the full length movie series and Naruto is the shorter length series (like 30 minutes). Hope that helps and glad you like the site!

where do you see the images becuse i cant seem to find them im not that bright just creative.....:3

lol my name is madeleine instead of madeline that is awsome.....

same here i love this site and i love anime.... Naruto... awsome i meen the early stages one.
hey is there any diffrence to just naruto and naruto shippuden????
i have really been wondering.
plz reply.

p.s creating my own manga called kira and the shuzini....not very far yet.

Yes!!! I really really love anime all i do when im alone ill just draw an anime couple!!! Ohhh Yeah!!!

i love anime and i love anyone that loves it 2

Holy cow I agree. Insane drawings, you guys have creative minds!

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